Angela and Scott

This is truly a story of love meant to be...Angela and Scott dated in college and went their separate ways. Years later, they found each other at an event. Their fire re-kindled and now, they are married! A lot of tears were shed on this weekend as the two of them walked down the aisle. They were also brave, as we all ran around town in the rain to get pictures.

Scott contacted us with an idea--to have their wedding highlight movie shown at a sendoff party, which was held the day after their wedding. Delack Media Group assembled this next day edit wedding movie, which brought many at that sendoff party to tears.

The wedding took place at First United Methodist Church Chicago Temple. The reception was held in the atrium at Pazzo's Three-Eleven in the 311 South Wacker building. Wedding coordination done by Erin Feldmann at Chicago Wedding Bliss ( 618-550-9208.

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  1. Nathan, we are on our honeymoon right now, but got to see the video again (for about the 20th time!) and it still brings tears to our eyes. Words cannot express how thankful we are to you for capturing the most incredible day of our lives. You have a God-given talent that should be shared and enjoyed by all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Scott and Angela Wilson